Two Poems

Start with two involving initial words


“I doubt that I can escape doubt.”


The problem isn’t whether to disguise / a faded subject but is one of seeing: / if you ever were and whose you might / have been.

Flaubert and Industry

The bell of the steamship from Le Havre rings so furiously I have to stop working!

Y and V

The 1 yen coin is made out of 100% / aluminum and can float on water.

Three Poems

“He called ‘beloved Son Herman’ / docile and amiable, backward in / speech and somewhat slow in / comprehension.”


a little wind / posts the useless news: the sun / has not yet, not yet, been removed.

Three Poems

Geoffrey G. O’Brien
Say it was enough
To constitute a vertical hymn
Everybody could almost agree
Hovers over the smallest being…

On Being-With

“There is a pleasure in this contraction and expansion, the diminishment of the sphere of speaking and the enlargement of the texture of air”

From “Communist Couplets”

“Now my 2 p.m. insists on a Cape Verde wedding.”


They spend a beautiful day together, no strife, no suspicion, no anxieties, no doubt.

Two Poems

I’ve given her everything and how does she thank me? She won’t even do me the courtesy of existing..

Two Poems

“For what duration / can purpose be / suspended?”

Three Poems

I love basements / plastic fruit too / there’s no sense of here or now

The Cemetery by the Sea

The future brought here idles, undoing.