From “Communist Couplets”

A Boom of None’s Own

This selection of “Communist Couplets” takes part in a larger manuscript entitled “Notes Toward An Interfaith Installation,” which explores the evolving/incendiary borders between public and private lifestyles, commerce and nature, and seeks to perform a contemporary folk-lore’s razing and rebuilding. Some lines are sung and some don’t make it off the page.

The Couplets were composed on the 6 a.m. bus from Boulder to Denver. I wrote in the dark (and sometimes quiet) with the foothills on my right. I boiled down this reservoir, keeping what retained some punch. I condensed the free-written material into six-line poems, consisting of three couplets. “Communist Couplets” straddles personal and societal narratives while commenting on the art, sexual, and economic worlds.

- Thibault Raoult 


What would it take for Docent to creak back at her guiro?

Rice: the technical term for wide-angle.
There’s a bourée in there somewhere.

The pressure to ELEVATE!
Signature sugar, signature drool.



Made the mistake of frying up last vestiges of savannah.
Now I have Skunk on the line—he wants to know what to bring.

I kept hearing bounce with me bounce with me and lost track of your storm.
Now my 2 p.m. insists on a Cape Verde wedding.

If they clean up river, fine, but we won’t be ushering
In any baby-blue Bach any time soon.



In Chi our invoices blur and stretch
-ers constitute our focus group.

Only if we ask allopatric.
If can’t be a daybed if it has teeth.

The sleet is exorbitant: it’s noodle day!
The grime is meditative: it’s time to align!



Spula, the clouds are rigged. And?
I’m a jay more days than not,

Tall enough to bleach—
Nod and warp.

Do you want me to void your imago legalese?
Come visit, see how tight I am with the colony!



Why doesn’t Kodak just make darts?
Also, is there a way we can skimp on remote control?

Can a vase have a bad attitude?
Is there a proven method to cultivating thuds?

No fair, no protective delta.
Deferential plasma, numb type: NEW PEN NEW ERA.