Three Poems



The sun arrows the road

that I am building for you

curved like an arm

with transparent surface.

You were elusive in love

women with black horsehair

raided the rooms

drinking Riesling, eating nuts

smoking, expecting sex.

Please release them

along our road

at night I drive

sucking on cloves



I love basements

plastic fruit too

there’s no sense of here or now

I was a prisoner

at my mother’s parties

peddling liqueurs

mopping up spills

I watched their hands

hack a the cheeses

I moved to my aunt’s

she lived in fear

of god & fat

& was hurt in church

kneeling on a nail

after an affair with the priest

my own affair is my affair

& it is as old as our daughter


The Empress

The fortune cookie said yes

I am an empress

but I hate ceremony

& am better suited

to other forms

a flake of snow, for example

a wooden rooster

or a mango, & yes

you’re a penis

dragging in the dirt

but who’s that light

crashing through the window?