Two Poems

Man cursing the sea

(after Miroslav Holub)

This bloke went to the cliff-edge
spread his arms wide
and cursed the sea

idiot water
ditzy clone of the sky
whoring yourself out

to the sun then the moon,
fingering your own
fishy necklace of shells

set to erode
whatever hunk
you throw yourself at!

This went on for some time
while the tide melted the cliff
so it could lick at his feet

like the dog he panted like
then he took a deep breath
That’s my girl, he said



At check-in, a little Indian girl
in a velour jumpsuit – let’s call her Pinky
plays Etch-A-Sketch for hours

I recognise the ancient tablet
its knobs out to complicate
needlessly drawing by hand

making impossible a true circle
such as Michelangelo that dead white male
could doodle off-the-cuff

and I imagine myself a child again
seated at the growing tip
of each line I took for a walk

something like Kimball O’Hara
sat astride Zam Zammah
on her brick platform