your calm world. to stand
there, about to enter into
it, your faces
beyond blazon
no lesser lights (each
other’s eyes find
no point vanishing: the gaze
replaces it),
it fills me beyond
fill, fulminant
laminate domini, maxi-
mum’s the one word it
is a flower, is a
tertiary stream bifurcated
by the dyad friendship
is a river
it flows you
don’t know when
you stepped in it
or which side of
the continental divide
it wrapped its mouth
around to whisper
now and then
you were
at the delta of living
with a lot of other soiled
sediment saying
we didn’t know it led here
but how green the valleys
seem as though we fed them
and perhaps we’ll stay and wait
for them to send along for us
what you have been floating down
so serenely with and
will continue to even when oceans
rise and winds
your clipper ship
indomitable in part
because we have seen
it whole and plan to
watch it until it doesn’t
sail out of sight but our
sight grows out of its infancy
into it, a sort of sextant
you steampunked and
managed to guide more surely by
than the satellites in our steerage; not
that we could go back, or want to:
the fixed stars are smarrita,
Virgil, and the real labor is getting out
of Canada after you, following
like little twittering flames to the last luna
moth on the last red-eye out
of Rexton singing or whistling ding-dong, belly roll
tooraloom or flume to raise a bonny verre to
you, too, you two, to your
bodies burst into blossom,
your changes beautiful, wheelbarrows
yawing on the prow of the round earth’s clay
brow red red red
I saw the number,
I saw the sign,
in love it was slain,
turtledoves and phoenixes puddle-humped in the
pooled blood (love is demanding) there’s the rub-
a-dub dub-step you lead us
from digging to dancing
so much we pense
on it, deep calls to deep on it,
joy cometh
in the morning and weep
ends on it, the day rain glazes
the faculty of without even
understanding and so
much begins on it.