Two Poems


Rushup, i.e.


I velocity helicopters conch shells pear fruits.

***keep discrete, keep discrete***

Water food air dirt.

I make sticky oranges with pear fruits.

Hush the velocity. I do it.

***funky fresh, funky fresh***

I hear all involved.

“Hate” is “team” spelled very incorrectly.

Winter grapes; winter fireblaster.

Mighty warlords.


The partially unscripted acting, cherish, so cherish.

***we struggle to keep the farm***

There is the there to them, there.

Join the battle to do something about this.

The wind in my face is so cholesterol.

Give me amazing fruit pears to revolutionize the bad ways of before.

I have a message for you.

Nickels are like cheap quarters.

***this poetry is so rad***

The information breathes heavy.

Popular items sell more quickly like hamburgers.

Fragile drone concussions coil lazy my hearing, informationally.

The ox is stronger, fashion is a go.

***be so good***

Polar them.


***don’t panic***

Amuse the washing machines, for all I know.

He said that to me plaid.

My climate is magma monsoon icy.

***be careful***

The special word is so crazy it’s nuts.


The dinosaurs were real, I know it.



Yes to the Superbowl

“The power is yours!”

   —Captain Planet



Whomever read what came before as this in reading it is themselves.


The melange of direct ambiguities.

Sparkly fangs are in my face.


Language is song, then data.

Math is prosody.

These are not even real words,

That is all.

The snapping of whatever is very wow.

The landscape portrays itself as such.

What this is might be special.

Then were wolves and badgers.

Inside the balloon were ugly letters.

Who was that person who was?

Intricate locks protect this poem.

Screwdrivers are pushing the way forward.

Nobody is going to there anymore.

The technology has ways.

Run towards the cornucopia of goodness.

There have been many things.

This is where it happens.

Happiness is edited freely.

To be so is the way.

Books have the passion deep inside.

Go for your team and win the game.

Try harder if you do already.

Massiveness is superb.

Seethe outside this.

Shovels go a long way.

Never do what you don’t.

Birds can do things.

Please remember that this is like this.

People are helping to get it for me.

It is very difficult to attempt this danger.

How to make it better is to do it.

Well, this is an exciting writing.

It has exciting features.

Dull words are the prettiest,

With a respect for their wearing.

            If you were naked in the oceans,

            As I so long,

            Then would not your beauty heal all?

In a pond of shivering glimmers

There swam a little fish

Whose little heart was ever injured

And shivered to its pith.

The early flowers are in lush

And you are too nearly far,

Like as through me you sing,

As ever you have.

My guilt is my triumph,

In lilting gardens of many flowers.

And I am saying hi to you.

I never get your immediate response.

Termite golden name.

A laze of yes, so else

Much that were prettiness, elks,

This father, or who,

Elephantine, upwards fans,

Return then, go this, write down,

Make flowers, then this, as so,

Around, about, then up, thus too,

Toward cattle, of farms, the longing

For his accompaniment, is, is so,

Until more, or more is then,

I forgot yours, flittering wren.

Dreariness and absolute guilt, after dawn.

These walls are each gone obverse,

And so guide me nearer you,

Who is closest inside me now,

Pressing out of me like hatred,

Or there is just nothing, as such,

And infinity is merely laughing at itself.

I am joyous, thus do yell

Joyous tidings from innermost hell.

What I say is who inspired me to it,

Or, who is what I have ever said,

And so my poems are always of my friends

As I am merely of their influence merely fluent

And they, not me, are signified herein instead.

Unless nothing is how it is said.

Then is it that unsaid faces meet alone.

Or would it be else with you?

Know now that I have felt your face.

I feel it as I write this.

Thus I write of you.

Crisis emergency talk.

The deal is to go in, hard.

I will have loved her very well.