Two Poems


Mayor Ark



One more animal enters the city.


A brief encounter

three-quarters into the film:

brakes slam

and the headlights shine

in the animal’s eyes,

and the animal enters

the man.


A percentage of each viewer’s mind

is freighted with such scenes.


With shivers that fissure

aquarium glass,

that haunt the yard

behind the central plot.


Even the rat

we spotted pages back

still means and means and means.



Mayor Confetti

(Thanksgiving Parade)


A classic mistake by a few rookie shredders:


Now Chad’s SIN on the shopkeeper’s shoulder,


Brit’s date of birth on the vendor’s umbrella,


Ethel’s savings deposit on Ethan’s shirt collar.




It’s what floats upon floats in the light of November.


A disco ball breaks at the end of the fever.


An agent accepts a quick toke from his neighbour.


A motorcade spawns at the mouth of the river.